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Slate stone is obtained from sedimentary rock which is makeup from volcanic ash. Slates can be created into different -different shapes like Slate tiles, slate slabs, slate stone strips and slate chips. Mostly slate is found in grey color but can also take place in different-different colors like green slate, purple slate etc. In north Wales it is occur in purple, green and in different shades of grey colors.

Slate stones are widely used as a building material. Slate tiles are generally used into inner flooring like walkways, wall cladding and stairs. Slates stones are widely used in roofing of huge size of buildings and historic museums, temples and homes. Main reason to use it as roofing material is that it is a good water absorbent.

Slate is mainly composed of quartz muscovite or elite and many other components . Common use of slates is in writing slate or in chalk, notepad and notice board. Slate tiles are cut in to many different-different sizes when generated traditionally. These are classify as countesses, narrow countesses, wide ladies etc. Each of these slates is square.

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